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On November 1, Artiwara “Toon” Kongmalai set out for a very long run — a 55-day, 2,191-kilometer (roughly 1,361 miles) from Thailand’s Betong district in the southern Yala province to the Mae Sai district in the north Chiang Rai province — to be exact.
There’s nothing waiting for him at the finish line. But he’s not running for himself. Toon is running to inspire the citizens of Thailand to raise more than 20 million USD for 11 local hospitals. And if each Thai citizen donates 10 baht (30 cents USD), he thinks they can do it by December 25 (the end of the run).
Toon isn’t widely known as a runner. As the front man of successful Thai rock band Body slam, Toon is first recognized as one of Thailand’s biggest rock stars. But his love for running is uncompromising, and that’s why he has made a commitment to end the year with this extraordinary mission.
To assist him in achieving his goal . We HEY PILGRIM designed this limited edition t-shirt to help raise money for the response. 
For each shirt sold, a donation of 100THB (around $3USD) will be sent to this project https:// www.kaokonlakao.com/